Discover Our Cell Turnover Technology Complex (CTT Complex)™

Here’s the thing about good skin: it starts at the cellular level, and obviously, that looks different for everyone. Our skin’s needs are completely individual and influenced by age, lifestyle, and exposure to environmental stressors. This ultimately means that achieving your best skin requires an entirely personal approach—right down to your cells.

Meet our Cell Turnover Technology Complex (CTT Complex)™, the key ingredient in our Youth Elixir Stem Cell Serum, an innovative treatment designed to activate your stem cells and give them exactly what they need to heal. Originally developed as a therapy for severe skin trauma, such as burns, this groundbreaking serum uses a targeted array of human stem cell-derived growth factors to help address and prevent signs of aging by stimulating your stem cells to regenerate and repair.

In a 30-day clinical trial*:
100% of users noticed improvement in their skin in just three days
99% saw a visible reduction in redness
98% saw a visible reduction in dark spots
96% noticed diminished pore size
94% saw a noticeable improvement in skin texture

before and after

Your skin knows what it needs
The skin has a fantastic ability to heal itself, but sometimes it requires a little boost. As we age, our cells become damaged and slowly decline in their replication—essentially, the skin gets tired of repairing itself. Stem cells are unprogrammed cells that are dispatched to go wherever they’re needed at any given time and signal healing and regeneration. In the body, this could mean addressing torn muscles or ligaments. In the skin, they tackle everything from wrinkles to collagen loss to discoloration and help prevent future signs of aging.

Stem cells themselves are too large to penetrate the epidermis, which is why including actual stem cells in products isn’t effective. But the cytokines and growth factors released from stem cells? That’s where the magic happens. Human stem cell-derived growth factors, when applied to the skin, give existing stem cells fresh information, activating them to build new, healthy skin again from the inside out.

Yes, we said human stem cells.
Unlike stem cells derived from plants or snails (both used in the wild world of skin-care formulation), only human stem cells can signal other to human stem cells that it’s time to repair. While human stem cells obviously originate from humans, the cells we use are cultivated in a lab. Cells grow and multiply so often after extraction that at the point of acquisition, they’re no longer linked to Bill or Judy. In fact, they could span generations. Plus, we buy only Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) cells—which means that they’re regulated by the FDA and completely disease-free and safe to use.

This is the whole package
So, what sets our CTT Complex™ apart? A process that begins by programming stem cells to imitate skin damage (i.e. fine lines, sun damage, loss of collagen, etc.) then augments them to release growth factors more potent than anything on the market, targeted to address these issues. Some beauty products include one or two growth factors, which simply send cells a message to “grow.” The proprietary technology behind CTT Complex™, on the other hand, allows us to include the whole natural array of a cell’s growth factors—hundreds of them—which, in short, gives your skin many more opportunities to heal.

Think of it this way: would you prefer to swallow a vitamin C pill, a potassium pill, a fiber pill, and call it a day? Or would you rather bite into a shiny red apple, tended carefully so that it’s grown into its most high-vibe, nutrient-rich self, and also benefit from all the other health-boosting properties it has to offer?

The team behind the technology
To formulate our CTT Complex™, we tapped a team of scientists led by Anton-Philip Battiade––an esteemed doctor, naturopath, stem cell researcher, and expert on holistic and integrative medicine. Having spent the last 15 years of his 25-year career formulating luxury skin-care products for over 70 brands across North America, Europe, and Asia, he brings a deep knowledge of the skin’s regenerative capabilities, as well as expertise on natural and sustainable ingredients and an understanding of what differentiates a luxury product. During his study of topical drug delivery systems, he realized the potential of cytokines and growth factors in anti-aging, which lead to the creation of our CTT Complex™.



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