Skincare Hack: Face Polish & Youth Elixir Serum Mask

On a recent vacation, I discovered an incredible acne-fighting mask.  

I usually try to narrow down my skincare products when I travel, but I NEVER go anywhere without my Darya Hope Triple Cleansing Facial System and Youth Elixir Stem Cell Serum. 

I wore heavier sunscreen on vacation and reapplied it more than usual, plus makeup. My skin started to break out around my cheek and jaw. Before getting ready for dinner, I wanted to do a face mask, but I didn't pack any. So, like the true makeup artist that I am, I started looking through what I brought and seeing what I could mix up. 

I always thought that the Face Polish would make a good mask, so I knew I would use that, but then I thought, why not mix in some of the Stem Cell Serum and do a stem cell extract mask? I drew a bath, mixed five pumps of polish with three pumps of serum, and put a generous layer all over my face. I gently massaged the area where I was breaking out, and then I relaxed for 10 mins in the tub while the mask dried. I felt like I was at the spa. When I was ready to get out, I rinsed my face and did my usual skincare routine, and I saw an immediate difference in my skin! The breakouts were no longer red, and some irritation was completely gone. I was so impressed!

This combination saved my skin while I was away, and now I'm doing it once a week! Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.  

––Leah Vairo, VP, Darya Hope, @leahvairo

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