Triple Cleansing to Effectively Remove Makeup

Before joining Darya Hope, I worked as a makeup artist for 15 years for Violet Grey, Estée Lauder, and Charlotte Tilbury. I was always hunting for the best products to cleanse my skin after a long day on set. I have acne-prone skin, so my cleansing ritual has always been crucial in my skincare routine. I've been doing a triple cleanse for as long as I can remember, but I've always struggled to find the perfect combination of products (and let me tell you, I'm not exaggerating when I say I have experimented with every product on the market). It wasn't until I met Darya and we began formulating with our scientists that I found the right combination of products to triple cleanse correctly. My skin has never looked brighter, clearer, and more even-toned. Finally, I can remove all of my makeup, keep my skin clear and healthy and not leave my face feeling overly stripped and tight.

Why Triple Cleanse?
After a long day of wearing a full face of makeup, the best feeling is washing my face. I have been triple cleansing for so long because to remove makeup and sunscreen properly takes more than just a quick rinse. 

How To Triple Cleanse?
Firstly I wash my hands. Then I put around six pumps of the Oil Cleanser into my damp hands. I massage the oil into my dry face. It's imperative to do this step dry as this gives the oil the chance to break down all of the makeup and sunscreen. This is probably my favorite step because I give myself a little facial massage.   It's worth noting that the Sea Oak in the oil cleanser is great for synthesizing collagen so take your time massaging it in. When I feel like the makeup has been broken down, I splash water on my face. This turns the oil into a milky consistency which I then wash off.

Next, I apply the Gel Cleanser. This is the cleanser I use every morning, but when I'm triple cleansing, it is my step 2. My skin is now wet from splashing off the oil cleanser, but there is still some residue on the skin that I need to remove. I only use a few pumps of the gel as a little goes a long way. I work the gel cleanser into a nice lather on my skin. Sea Fennel is known for its skin brightening properties, and I can always notice a difference after each use. The Gel Cleanser further breaks down any impurities and washes away leftover makeup and oil.   I like to remove the cleanser using water and The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins. Now my skin is looking and feeling very soft and supple. 

The Volcanic Mineral Face Polish is my third and final step. It's crucial if you are acne-prone like me. It contains acne-fighting properties like a seaweed extract called Laminaria Saccharina that is anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum production. It's great for sensitive skin as well. I like to use four pumps of polish and massage it into the pores on my cheeks and t-zone. I imagine the pumice clearing out each pore and gently polishing the top layer of my skin. This polish is unique and feels like a creamy, delicious treat for my skin. I gently rinse it off and pat my skin dry.

I always follow my triple cleanse with the Youth Elixir Stem Cell Serum and my favorite moisturizer to finish! It leaves my skin feeling like I just left the spa, cleansed and nourished. When formulating Darya Hope products, one of our primary concerns was creating a healthy canvas for our serum. We wanted to give people the best opportunity to see the benefits of its potent ingredients, which came down to the cleansing process.

––Leah Vairo, VP, Darya Hope, @leahvairo   

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