Who What Wear Feature: Here's How Makeup Artists Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Ruining Their Lashes


Makeup artists Samantha Lau and Tobi Henney both say an oily makeup remover is the key to dissolving stubborn waterproof mascara without causing any unnecessary friction. "You’ll need a good quality oil-and-water-based eye makeup remover," Lau says. "Put some of the remover onto a cotton pad and you place the remover-soaked pads over your lashes.  I normally let that sit for several seconds (sometimes up to 10 seconds) and then I use a gentle rocking motion to loosen up the stubborn formula. Then you wipe away. Repeat the process until you see the formula has completely dissolved." 

Henney recommends this [Darya Hope} oil cleanser, which contains sea oak to promote collagen synthesis, meadowfoam oil to provide antioxidant power, and evening primrose oil to reduce irritation. 


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